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виртуальная реальность без очков

46” 3D дисплей от 3DVision: виртуальная реальность без очков

Recently the company «3ДЛига» has presented in the domestic market an interesting novelty – 46 ”3D the display with the built in personal computer from 3DVision.
The autoth46” 3D дисплей от 3DVision: виртуальная реальность без очковree-dimensional monitor is means of display of the information, allowing to see the three-dimensional image without special adaptations (points). At the heart of monitor work lays лантикулярный a principle. The monitor TFT-layer is coated лантикулярной by a film which refracts rays of light from the monitor in such a manner that certain different foreshortenings of the image get to the left and right eye and create the three-dimensional image. For stereocontent playing uses special ON, thus the optimum distance of viewing makes from 3 to 5 metres.

46 ”3D the display from 3DVision: a virtual reality without points

The content for playing on the monitor also should be prepared in special way. Each shot of animation is 9 different foreshortenings/sights on a virtual scene. Thanking лантикулярной to a film the spectator during each moment of time sees only two of them, and each eye — the. That is the effective permission of the three-dimensional image does not exceed 640x360.

46 ”3D the display from 3DVision: a virtual reality without points

For content creation there is a number of plug-ins-rendererov to Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD, CATIA, UGS NX, to systems of virtual surrounding EON, Virtools, Quest3D and another. Such games, as Counter Strike, Quake 3, Warcraft 3 are besides, supported Google [?] Earth, Google [?] SketchUp, etc.
Characteristics of monitor SuperD 46 ":

Diagonal of 46 inches (117 sm);
The permission 1920x1080;
The size of pixel of 0,17 mm;
Contrast 1800:1 (in a mode 2D);
Colour coverage of 72 %;
Time of the response 8 мс;
Input terminals VGA/HDMI/S-VIDEO/AV/TV;
Power consumption of 350 W;
Weight of 27 kg.

Characteristics of the built in computer (опционально):

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 or is more powerful;
Drawing NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT;
1 Гб the working memory;
The storage ring in volume 250 Гб;
4 USB, PS/2, DVI, VGA, Ethernet.


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